[lftp] lftp 4.3.4

Alexander V. Lukyanov lav at netis.ru
Fri Dec 30 18:08:18 MSK 2011

Hello and happy new year!

I have released new lftp version 4.3.4 that has some new features and
several bug fixes.

Here is the news:

* new settings cmd:at-exit-bg, cmd:at-finish, cmd:at-queue-finish.
* added timestamps in readline history.
* improved attach command to remove stale sockets.
* fixed core dump when ftp server does not return valid PWD result.
* fixed a special ftp cd case when real cwd equals to the new cwd.
* fixed torrent status command line.
* fixed torrent to open files with CLOEXEC flag.
* fixed exit code of queue command.
* fixed mirror to follow local symlinks with -L option.
* fixed a crash with https.

Get it from http://lftp.yar.ru/get.html


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